Terms & Conditions

Our Agreement with you

A1. Booking your Holiday

Please read these terms & conditions thoroughly before booking with EdenX. Please book through our website or via our email Contact@edenx.co.uk. if you have any queries regarding a booking please use the Contact page on our website.

To book a holiday with EdenX, you must be over 21 years old. An adult who is capable and reasonable must make and occupy the accommodation on behalf of the party. This adult will accept overall responsibility for the party. In the event that we provide assistance or supervision to any member of your party, including pets, we reserve the right to claim compensation for the costs incurred.

While we strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee the price quoted or paid on the booking system due to potential pricing mistakes or technical errors. Each booking will be manually confirmed, and if there is a problem with the price, a full refund or payment of the difference will be offered. However, we will not honour pricing errors.

A2. Deposit & Payment

If you book more than 10 weeks ahead we will offer to take a deposit for your booking rather than full payment. This will be 30% of your total booking cost. The remaining balance must then be paid 10 weeks prior to the start of your booked holiday. The balance can be paid via Bank Transfer or through our website.

Your deposit of 30% is a non-refundable deposit. If you pay in full and would like to cancel your booking within the allotted cancellation period, 30% will be deducted from your full payment. The specific refund amount will depend on the proximity to your holiday date at the time of cancellation. For more details on the cancellation process and refund policy, please refer to section ‘F3. Cancellation by you’ of this document.

Bookings made within 10 weeks of the holiday start date require full payment.

Please carefully review all details on the confirmation. If there is a mistake, please contact us immediately to make amendments. It is your responsibility to pay the correct amount to secure your booking within the allocated time. Failure to make the correct payment within a reasonable time may result in the cancellation of your booking and forfeiture of the deposit.

Deposits must be paid in full immediately after placing the booking. If the booking is made less than 10 weeks before the holiday date, full payment must be made immediately. If you have paid the deposit and are required to pay the remaining balance at the 10-week mark, you will be given 72 hours to complete the payment before we reserve the right to cancel.

A3. Additional Charges

Any additional charges will be offered to you during your booking for you to freely select. Once an additional charge has been applied you will be able to see it on your confirmation.

Any additional charges will be refunded back to you if you cancel within the allotted cancellation time. If we are not able to fulfil any additional extras you have paid for you will receive a full refund for that specific additional charge. Nothing further will be given other than a full refund.

We do charge for well behaved dogs up to a maximum of 3 in our self contained accommodation. 

A4. Tax & Price Promise

All prices quoted to you will include VAT at the correct rate.

We reserve the right to increase or decrease the cost of your booking to keep in line with any VAT change or any other fees out of our control. An increase will not occur if you’re within a 30 day period of starting your holiday booking.

A5. Our agreement

A contract is created when we receive the required payment for your booking. You will receive confirmation of payment, if you do not receive this within 24 hours of payment, please get in touch.

Required payment refers to the deposit or full amount.

Our agreement incorporates the information you provided during the time of booking either via Phone, Email or on our website. By placing a booking with us you agree to our terms & conditions set out in this document. You agree that you have read and fully understood the agreement.

This agreement binds you, the person named on the booking and all other members listed including children, pets & visitors. You must make sure that all members of your party are aware of this agreement to make sure they do not violate any of the terms & conditions that have been set out. This agreement will only expire after the last member of your party has left the premises.

A6. Important Information

We welcome all guests to our holiday location. if you have restricted mobility, a disability or any particular medial requirements please make sure your needs will be met during your stay. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us using our contact form on the website.

Medical Assistance.

Please make sure to bring necessary items that you’ll need through out your booking. A first aid kit will be located in your accommodation in the kitchen for emergencies only. As EdenX is a self-accommodation location there will be no one on site to help with medical emergencies. Please make sure you become accustomed with your nearest doctors & A&E. There may be no signal where your staying to make sure you have a suitable way to contact emergency services. Wi-Fi has been installed in each self-contained accommodation so we’d recommend using Wi-Fi calling.

Nearest Doctors: Cardigan Health Centre, Integrated Care Centre, Rhodfa’r Felin, Cardigan SA43 1JX.

Nearest A&E: Glangwili Hospital, Dolgwili Rd, Carmarthen SA31 2AF

B1. Information about your party

We have the right to obtain the full name, date of birth, address and gender of each member of your party. The person who books must be a member of the party and be in attendance during the whole holiday period. Failure to provide full correct information about your party may end up in further costs or your booking being cancelled.

B2. Before you arrive

Please make sure all information you provided to us is correct before you arrive.

We recommend, if you would like to do any activities in the local area you book beforehand otherwise it could get full during summer months.

Please check our blog at EdenX or our social media for any news/updates that could effect your stay before leaving.

You should inform us immediately if within 4 weeks of you arriving that you or any of your party develops an infectious or contagious illness such as Covid-19. You can ask the particular member who is ill to stay at home or your booking will be cancelled/rebooked. You must show evidence for Covid with a Covid test if you’d like to cancel or rebook. if you develop Covid or any infectious illness during your stay we reserve the right to ask you leave to protect the health of other guests and staff.

C1. Arrival

Check in time is 3pm for the cottages. We ask due to the size of the self-contained accommodation that no more than two cars per cottage.

Check in time for motorhomes or caravans is from 10am.

Please make sure you keep in communication with us at EdenX on your ETA. Once you arrive you’ll be greeted and be guided through all the relevant information. If payment is to be made upon arrival this will be required as soon as you arrive.

C2. Staying at Ffynnongrog EdenX

Here at EdenX we want you to have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. To make sure this is the case for all we expect everyone to follow guidelines. Please read the following carefully to make sure you are always complying with the site rules.

No one other than the persons listed on the booking is permitted to stay at our site. Visitors are welcome but no more than one visitor per guest.


D1. Behaviour and compliance

You are responsible for yourself and all of your party’s behaviour during your stay at EdenX. We expect you to be respectful towards other guests and staff. There could be families with young children staying at the location so aggressive behaviour, offensive language, noisy or disruptive behaviour, dangerous activities. If you do anything during your stay that effects the comfort or safety of others the police will be involved and you will be asked to leave immediately. No refunds or compensation shall be given in these circumstances and you will no longer be allowed to make a booking with EdenX in the future.

D2. Children

There must be at least one adult over the age of 21 staying in the accommodation during the holiday. They must be responsible and capable. The adults are responsible for the children at all times. The adult who books with us assumes responsibility for all party members.

Children must be supervised at all times. There are ponds, rivers, livestock, building work and more in the vicinity of your holiday accommodation. These areas can be dangerous for unsupervised children.

D3. Hiring

if you decide to hire bicycles, kayaks or anything else it is your sole responsibility to take care of that item. It must be returned in the state that it was hired out to you in.

You are responsible that you have the required skills to operate the hired apparatus in a safe manner. You are also responsible for anyone under the age of 21 using hired apparatus.

If you lose or damage the hired item, you will be charged the appropriate amount to replace or repair the item. EdenX Limited will not assume any responsibility for hired equipment.

D4 Security & Property

Your belongings during your holiday with EdenX are your responsibility. We will take no responsibility for lost or stolen property while you are on our premises.

Your vehicle is left on the premises at your own risk. We recommend that you keep your vehicle locked and remove any valuables that may be inside.

If you bring any other property such as bicycles or kayaks etc or hire them while you’re here. It’s is strongly recommended you lock these up.

We recommend you take out insurance for your holiday to cover any losses you may have.

We accept no liability for any accident, loss or damage to your property. We will however help you in tracing lost items the best we can. If items are recovered by us after you’ve left, we can post these back to you at your own expense.

CCTV is used on site at Ffynnongrog. This is for the purpose of security only. The cameras are not pointed directly at any accommodation and your privacy is protected. CCTV footage is kept for 30 days before overwritten however this is not a certainty and footage maybe erased sooner.

D5. Food & Drink

We are not responsible for any food or drink during your stay. As it is self-contained accommodation or touring pitches you are responsible for your own food and drink. We may leave you some food/drink as a welcome for when you arrive. It is your responsibility to make sure the food or drink left is suitable for your consumption. We can not be held responsible for any allergic reactions caused by consuming food or drink. We are unaware of your diet preferences or intolerances. Please do not consume our welcome items if you have any concerns about what they may contain.

When consuming alcohol please make sure at least one adult is left sober and responsible. We do not condone excessive drinking during your stay.

D6. Environment

On our premises please keep to your accommodation area. Please treat all property and facilities carefully at all times. There may be work being carried out on the premises during your stay, please keep a sensible distance away. We are constantly maintaining and improving the premises. While we make every effort to make sure this work does not effect you there may be times when you experience noise and visual disturbance. We apologise in advance if any of this effects you but no compensation will be given.

Please do not climb fences or climb up or on any surface not designed for guests. There can be electric fences on the premises so please be mindful.

Livestock also occupy the premises, please keep away from all livestock and do not enter the same field they occupy. Dogs must be kept away from livestock at all time, failure to keep dogs away from livestock at anytime may result in you being asked to leave the premises immediately. If your Dog attacks or causes any damage to livestock you’ll be charged for the damage.

Cattle grids are also on the property. Where possible do not cross these cattle grids as they can be dangerous if you fall. If you feel that you need to cross the cattle grid, please take extreme caution. No children should cross these cattle grids.

There are signs around the property which restrict guess access, please obey these signs. Any guest caught in an area which is forbidden to guests may result in them being asked to leave immediately.

D7. Accommodation

you must use your accommodation and all it’s contents with care. You must leave it in a clean and tidy condition to how it was first presented to you when you arrived.

Please make us aware if you come across anything that you deem to be unsafe, missing or not working during your stay so we can rectify it for you.

We reserve the right to charge you for missing items, additional cleaning or replacements/repair due to damage.

We reserve the right to enter your accommodation at anytime if we deem it necessary. For example, if we need to make certain checks or if we believe that a member of your party is breaking these terms & conditions.

The maximum number of guests that are listed upon booking must not be exceeded during the stay. If we find that a guest or pet has not been listed, we have the right to either charge you from the start of the booking to the time it has come to our attention. To continue to charge extra for the remaining stay or ask said member or all of the booking members to leave.

D8. Signal & Wi-Fi

Signal is very intermittent and we can not guarantee you’ll be able to get any signal on your devices. We do offer high speed Wi-Fi but we can not guarantee the uptime of this service and no compensation will be given if you experience Wi-Fi problems. This is a rural area and you may experience technical problems.

There are no parental controls or filtering on the Wi-Fi. It is your responsibility if you allow any children access the Wi-Fi.

You are solely responsible for any actions you carry out online. Any illegal activities carried out using our internet connection will be passed on to the authorities.

D9. Safety

During your stay please make yourself aware of all exits. Please make yourself familiar with the fire extinguisher location, fire blanket & first aid kit.

We expect you to act safely at all times. BBQs other than the ones we provide are not permitted. fireworks are not permitted. Please do not erect anything on holiday accommodation property.

D10. Driving and Parking

At all times while driving on the premises the speed limit is 10mph. Please give pedestrians and cyclists right of way. Please only drive on the tracks or touring pitch site. Please do not mount any kerbs or drive on grass verges. Damage caused by this may be chargeable to you. Please keep away from any steep falls with your car and always pay full attention when driving, especially when reversing.

Please do not park in a location that may restrict access or be dangerous. We will not be responsible for any damage caused as a result of moving your vehicle due to it being parked restricting access for staff or emergency services. When you leave your vehicle on a hill we recommend to leave your vehicle in gear, hand brake applied with your wheels turned in toward the hill or whichever direction to reduce travel.

D11. Smoking

Smoking including vaping or any kind of e-cigarette is not permitted in any our accommodations. It is permitted outside but you must dispose of your cigarettes properly. If you do smoke within the properties, you will be charged.

D12. Dogs

We are pleased to host your beloved canine companions and request adherence to the following guidelines to ensure a comfortable stay for all guests:

  • Sofa Care: We kindly request that dogs refrain from climbing onto the sofas. If necessary, guests are permitted to let their dogs onto sofas provided they use their own protective blanket to fully cover the furniture. This measure is to prevent damage to the leather surfaces.
  • Bedding Policy: While dogs are generally not permitted on the beds, we understand some pets are accustomed to this. If your dog is used to sleeping on the bed, please bring your own bedding and inform us in advance. This helps us maintain high standards of cleanliness and allergen control for all guests.
  • Lead Requirement: For the safety and well-being of all on the premises, including guests who may be anxious around dogs or children who might be frightened, dogs must be kept on a lead at all times while outside your accommodation.
  • Behaviour: We welcome friendly, non-aggressive dogs. In the extreme circumstance that a dog exhibits dangerous or violent behaviour, or persistently causes disturbance to other guests, we reserve the right to request alternative arrangements for the pet. Please note, in such circumstances, refunds or compensation will not be provided.
  • Cleanliness: Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs, both within the accommodation and in all outdoor areas on the property.
  • Visitor Policy: To ensure the safety and comfort of all guests, dogs belonging to visitors are not permitted on the premises.

Adherence to these guidelines is essential to maintain the high standards of our accommodation and to ensure an enjoyable experience for all guests, both with and without pets. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

D13. Dangerous Items

No dangerous items are permitted during your stay. No firearms, knifes, catapults, archery equipment, fireworks (inc sparklers), illegal substances. Anything deemed dangerous by our staff may result in your party being asked to leave.

D14. Noise

You may experience noise during your stay. We can often have military aircraft fly over and this is out of our control. Neighbouring properties can cause noise and we can not be held responsible for this. We will however make every effort to minimise the noise created.

D15. Compensation payable by you

By booking you agree to these terms and conditions. We have the right to recover costs during or after your stay from your credit or debit card. If you paid via other means you will be asked to pay the outstanding amount or we will take the necessary avenues to recover the money from you.

Any breach of these terms & conditions may result in charges.

  1. Departure

You must leave the accommodation as you found it. You must have left the premises by the check out time of 10am. If you are late from leaving the premises or you have not returned your accommodation back to how it was received by you, you may be charged along with loosing your refundable cleaning fee.

F1. Changing or Cancelling your Booking

You are allowed to change your booking for any reason providing that you are not less than 10 weeks away from the start of your booking start date.

You will be allowed to change your booking date once, providing you are not within the 10 weeks’ period before your start date.

Please be aware that any change you make to your booking may involve a price increase which you’ll need to pay at the time of amendment.

F2. Prevented from taking your break.

If you are not able to attend your booking, please contact us as soon as possible. We will try our best to assist but do not give or sell your booking to someone else as we will not accept them upon arrival.

F3. Cancellation by you

You can cancel your booking at anytime but you will incur a fee.

If you cancel with more than 10 weeks before your booking you will lose your initial deposit, 30%. If you paid in full then the remaining 70% will be refunded to you.

If you cancel between 8-10 weeks before your booking, you will be charged 50% of your total booking.

if you cancel between 4-8 weeks before your booking, you will be charged 75% of your total booking.

If you cancel within the last 4 weeks before your booking, you will not receive a refund and the total booking will be kept. We recommend taking out travel insurance to cover you if you are not able to attend your booking.

You can cancel your break at anytime by using our contact options on our contact page. You must have receipt of confirmation that we have received your cancellation notice. We recommend you email us and phone to confirm. We can receive a cancellation Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

In the event that you contract coronavirus, the same terms and conditions will apply, as there are currently no specific restrictions in place in the UK regarding cancellations due to contracting the virus. Therefore, our standard cancellation policy, as outlined in the terms and conditions, will be upheld.

F4. cancellation by EdenX

We have the right to cancel your booking at anytime. We will refund the full or remaining amount of your stay as long as the terms and conditions were not broken.

We do not have to give a reason why your booking was cancelled and you will receive no compensation.

F5. Things beyond our control

We can not be held responsible for anything beyond our control. We will not accept liability for any of the following and more. No compensation will be given.

Fire, Theft, Flood, Weather, Neighbouring Noise, Development Noise, Military Noise, Airport Noise, Traffic, Criminal damage, riots, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, war, threat of war, terrorism or technical problems.

If a problem occurs which causes our site to be closed and your booking to be cancelled. A replacement break will be booked for you. If the break is more expensive you will be required to pay to increase. If it is less expensive, a refund of the difference will be given.

F6. Refunds

Refunds for cancellations can be issued through the same payment method used for the original booking. The refund will be processed either via the same card number used for payment or through a bank transfer to the same bank account. Please note that we do not provide refunds in the form of cheques; all refunds will be processed electronically.

  1. Important Information

All personal information we collect either over the phone, via email or on our website will be used in accordance with our privacy policy listed on our website.

We do our best to make sure our all our content is accurate and up to date. This agreement and any dispute between us will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales over any matter arising out of our agreement or your visit. You may choose to submit to the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland if you are resident there. We must both act reasonably in selecting or agreeing any jurisdiction including any forum for dispute resolution.

Your stay with us will not rise to any tenancy agreement between us. After 10am on your final booking date you are required to leave. If you refuse to leave the police will be called to escort you off the premises.

Should any part of this agreement be deemed by law as void, the remaining agreement will still be in effect.

  1. Help

If you need any assistance during your booking, arrival, stay or departure please get in touch. We will very happy to help.

If you do come across any issues that effect your stay you are required to contact us immediately. If you wait until the end of your stay therefore not allowing us to resolve said issue, we will not give any refund/compensation.

All right reserved EdenX Limited 2023.